This site collects various summarise, notes, comments, reading aids etc. on Capital by Karl Marx. Page numbers refer to the Penguin Classics editions. The notation “X:Y” means the Y-th full paragraph from page X. This implies that the quote might be on a page with number larger than X if a paragraph spans more than a page.

These notes are far from complete, especially Volume 2 and 3 are very sparse at the moment. New material is added when it is ready.

Critique, correction and contributions are very welcome.

Technical Details

This site is built from plain text files available on GitHub. These text files are in markdown format, which can be easily translated into various other formats such as HTML (this site), PDF, ODT and ePub. Pandoc does a good job.


Feel free to copy/reuse/revise anything on this site. Also feel free to claim anything on this site as your own work. There is no need to acknowledge us in any way.